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Christina Katrakis - artist, philanthropist, ambassador of good will,president and founder of the "It's a Small World "International Philanthropic & Cultural Foundation, political, social & cultural ministerial advisor, "Freedom to Create Global Prize" winner.

Christina Katrakis served as the ambassador of good will in the "Freedom to Create" Global Project . She is a "Freedom to Create" World Prize winner (Main Prize - commended artist). Katrakis is a president and the founder of the "It's a Small World International Philanthropic & Cultural Foundation. Through her international mission of peace, help, healing and support - Katrakis changes lives, opens new opportunities and showcases those who need our care and help the most.

Here are just some of her international philanthropic mission projects:

No Human is an Island, Lviv


Angel of Hope, Lviv


Give Voice to Children


Help African Women One Bead At A Time - social philanthropic project

Hope for Haiti - Fundraiser

Brigitte Bardot Foundation

Charitable Fund Raiser Project Fight and You Shell Prevail!", London

The international film project "The War is Now" featuring the translated into English film "Battalion 24" (, showcasing the real war in Ukraine, was now presented in London! All the money gathered from the film presentation went to support Ukrainian troops with much needed arms, technology and ammunition, directed towards the Battalion "Sever". International Project Manager - Roman Couidlie, International Project Curator - Christina Katrakis , film by Espresso TV, journalist Bianca Zalewska

Друзьям из Великобритании!

Как Патриоту Украины в Лондоне провести выходные!?

Сегодня в 19.00 состоится Благодiйний Шевченківський Вечір «БОРІТЕСЯ - ПОБОРЕТЕ!» по адресу Old Town Hall, Stratford 29 Broadway, LONDON.

Вас ждёт развлекательная программа, вкусные блюда украинской кухни, которые своими руками готовили украинки Лондона, живая украинская музыка, интересные знакомства, благотворительный аукцион, в рамках Благотворительного Шевченковского вечера в Лондоне состоится показ документального фильма "Батальон 24" ( ).

Фильм о буднях украинского добровольческого батальона, воюющего на Донбасе, подготовила теле-компания Espresso TV. Его показ в Лондоне состоится в рамках международного проекта "The War is Now", куратором которого выступила Посол доброй воли при ООН Кристина Катракис (Christina Katrakis ), международным менеджер ром - Роман Кудлай (Roman Couidlie).

Все собранные деньги пойдут на закупку комплектующих для производства беспилотных фронтовых тактических летательных аппаратов для батальона специального назначения «СЕВЕР» из города Чернигов.

Гостям Лондона: если вдруг Вы сегодня оказались в Лондоне и не знали про мероприятие – ПРИГЛАШАЕМ! Приходите в 19.00 по адресу Old Town Hall, Stratford 29 Broadway, LONDON

Цена билета: 30 английский фунтов

Билеты можно преобрести за наличные в Украинском Клубе или оплатив на PAYPAL This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. с примечанием «SEVER»

Для дополнительной информации звоните:
Наталия: 07988 144 653
Инна: 07890 041 618

P.S. Даже если Вы не можете прийти, но Вы хотите поддержать организаторов - можно поучаствовать в сборе средств на благое дело!

PAYPAL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Reference: Sever (обязательно указываем в примечании к платежу)

Получатель: Алексеева Светлана Михайловна
CARD: 4149 4377 2875 1429
Банк: ПАО КБ ПриватБанк.
Код получателя (ОКПО, ЕГРПОУ): 14360570.
Код банка получателя (МФО): 305299.
Счет получателя: 29244825509100

Recipient: Svetlana Mihaylovna Alekseeva (Ukraine)
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Maple Leaf of Hope for Ukraine

A film project "The War is Now" which Im curating, was shown at the Canadian IFAK Fundraiser for Ukraine in Winnipeg

A film project "The War is Now" which Im curating, was shown at the Canadian IFAK Fundraiser for Ukraine in Winnipeg, on Sunday Dec 21st. As a curator of this international project Im very proud and happy that the film Battalion 24 and the amazing story behind it helped raise a lot of much needed money and help for Ukrainian troops fighting in ATO (war frontline) protecting its country from a violent Russian aggression and invasion. These people are true heroes and to showcase their story is a great honor for me and for the whole team.

Vancouver film project: Svitlana Kominko

Berlin Film Project and Fund raiser: Maxine Noth

Canada Film Project: Oksana Platonova and Vadym Matviyenko

Winnipeg Film project and Fund raiser: Andrii Shchebukha

International Project Manager: Roman Couldlie

Production Editor: Aleksandra Sen'ko

Interviewer: Natalka Laturynska

Production: Espresso TV

Translation: Zenon Duda

International Project Curator: Christina Katrakis

Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Show Room Project

Art and Fashion Social Project - "Beauty in the Time of War", Haute Presents Gallery, part of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Show Room Project

Opening - 6 November, Haute Presents Gallery, part of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Show Room Project, Berlin, Germany.

The project is aimed to showcase the elements of beauty in the time of war. How do fashion designers create their dresses under bullets? How does war influence their art? We brought together female designers - one group from Georgia and one group from Ukraine. These countries went through and are still going through a similar war, with the same enemy - Russia, if to be more exact - Putin and his politics of aggression. These designers, artists fight the same battle but they fight as the invisible soldiers of beauty, preserving perhaps the very essence of their homeland, its traditions, culture, motifs, esthetics and soul. Thus even when the lives are lost, when borders are violently demolished and lands are illegally taken - this beauty which they create remains. Because, as long as, the soul of the nation is preserved in its art - its spirit is truly immortal.

Beauty in the Time of WarThese women fight against bullets and bombs with finest silk and embroidery, they stand against the tanks with blotches of beautiful color. How does the woman artist, fashion designer sees the War?! She, who is the mother, the wife, the daughter? She who sees her sons, her husband, her father fight and die, defending their home. How can she take the pain, the anger, the despair and transform it into beauty? Transferring tears into jewels, blood into color, shrouds into dresses, bullets into rigs, flags into garments. The beauty of these creations, conceived in such turbulent times and conditions, is truly breathtaking and pure in its nature. It is the very essence of femininity, at times vulnerable, fragile, gentle, romanic and loving, while still strong, brave and revolutionary.

The designs are filled with elements of subtle ethnicity, retro longing, dream and hope. Hope that the war will be over and that the beauty will prevail. Even at the time of war, we women, still put on our dresses, we still desire to be beautiful, and our men, now soldiers, more then ever long for moments of beauty, filled with love, care and emotion. Moments which could be last, moments which will lest forever.

These women designers - are courageous artists, who speak up via the beauty of their creations, who fight for peace and unity with the most invincible weapon - their art, who create "Beauty in the Time of War".

Fashion designers: Ruslana Zaugolnikova and Yana Zaugolnikova (Ukraine) and Irma Sharikadze (Georgia)

Jewelry designer: Sopho Gongliashvili (Georgia)

Leather designer: Anastasia Glotova (Ukraine)

Fashion photographers: Ekaterina Upit, Volodymyr Karpenyuk, Denis Isayev (Ukraine) and Irma Sharikadze (Georgia)

International project manager: Roman Couldlie

International curator: Christina Katrakis

Film presentation: "The War is Now" - Espresso TV, Ukraine - about the war in Ukraine, going on now, as we speak. War trough the eyes of a woman-journalist, who was filming the war live and was severely wounded while filming. Special thanks to: Aleksandra Senko.

Gallerist-curator: Maxine Noth.

Gallery: Haute Presents Gallery, Berlin.

Project: Part of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Show Room Project.

Opening of "Beauty in a Time of War", part of Berlin Alternative Fashion Week Show Room Project

This exhibition celebrated the pioneers of beauty amongst a time of turmoil. These are the designers, artists and photographers who create elements of beauty and fight for peace and unity using the most timeless and invincible weapons; their art.

Fashion Designers: Yana Ruslana Zaugolnikova, Ruslana Yana Zaugolnikova and Irma Sharikadze
Jewellery Designer: Sopho Gongliashvili
Leather Designer: Anastasia Glotova
Fashion Photographers: Екатерина Упит, Volodymyr Володимир Карпенюк, Денис Исаев and Irma Sharikadze.
International project manager: Roman Couldlie
Gallerist-curator: Maxine Noth
A wonderful performance by violinist Marina Bondas.
'Memory Gins' by the Alchemist.
A fundraising was held and proceeds from the donation bag (designed by Lacywings) will go towards supplies for those in need in Ukraine, through the GFBV - Gesellschaft fuer bedrohte Voelker. (Society for Threatened People).
Photography courtesy and copyrighted to Virginia Vanucchi.

"It's a Small World Foundation" Cultural Bridges Project in Berlin, Germany 2016. Presenting Polish artists in Germany as part of the "Cultural Bridges" project of the Foundation

Greenpeace, Greece - save the sea project

Children International Heart Foundation - Baby Heart

Chernobyl Children International Project

St. Jude's Project

Unicef Global Aid Project

UN Mission

UNEP Mission

UNESCO Mission

Working with Kokkalis Foundation in Greece,
Cooking away with Petros Kokkalis for a good cause

Freedom to Create Global Project

Latest Prize Awarded

  • “Freedom to Create – The Zone” – prize winner of Freedom to Create cultural prize, the series of paintings The Zone won the Freedom to Create prize and are on the world tour (Egypt, New York, Paris, Bosnia, China etc), 2011
    The position of the ambassador of the good will in the field of culture.

Political Nomination:



  • “Freedom to Create – The Zone” – prize winner of Freedom to Create branch for arts, the series of paintings The Zone won the Freedom to Create prize and are on the world tour (Egypt, New York, Paris, Bosnia, China etc), 2011. The position of the ambassador of the good will in the field of culture. On the mission traveling around the world, working in the team with major world representatives and celebrities, raising money to help those in need, working to help sick children and orphans (numerous interviews and documentaries are available on YouTube & on the Mission Blog.
  • The curator of the project “Lefkadia – Philanthropic Foundation”, creating and opening the CIHF ( ) branch in Russia, under the “Lefkadia - Country within the Country” project, Moscow - Krasnodar, Russia and USA. Further position held is that of the future president & professor of the university branch. Until now.
  • Chief Curator of the Philanthropic Program of the International Academy of Arts, Milos, Greece. Until now.
  • Foundation International Educational & Philanthropic Projects Curator, Firtash Foundation (cultural representation project Rome, Vatican, England and the USA).
  • Philanthropic & Cultural Foundation Curator, Voronov’s Museum of Art.
  • Active Philanthropic Work as a curator, manager, participant, partner with a number of Philanthropic Organizations such as:
    Green Peace, UNICEF, Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Children International Heart Foundation, Chernobyl Children International Project, UN Mission, UNEP, UNESCO, St Jude’s, as well as projects such as: Hope for Haiti, Help for Africa, Maple Hope for Ukraine, IFAK Fundraiser Canada, The War is Now, Beauty in a Time War, Angel of Hope (Ukraine & Greece), No Man is an Island, Cooking with Kokkalis. More information on these projects can be found here:
  • Coordinator and curator of the philanthropic international project - “Shine” (Global Chernobyl Fukushima project), coordinator (Japan - Ukraine 2011)


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