On tour in world museums
Freedom to Create World Prize show
The Main Prize 2010 at Freedom to Create World Prize, an international award that supports artists striving for social change in regions with significant barriers to expression, world-wide. The position of the ambassador of good will in the field of culture for the Freedom to Create World Prize (Main Prize - commended artist). On the mission around the world, working in the team with major world representatives and celebrities, rasing money to support young talents who strive for social change in places where there is no "Freedome to Create". To help those in need, working to help sick children and orphans. Working with numerous international social and philanthropically organizations in the process: UN, UNICEF, Green Peace, CIHF, CCI and many others.
Latest Prize Awarded
"Freedom to Create – The Zone" – prize winner of Freedom to Create cultural prize (Main Prize - commended artist), the series of paintings The Zone won the Freedom to Create prize and are on the world tour (Egypt, New York, Paris, Bosnia, China etc), 2011 The position of the ambassador of the good will.
On a Mission as an ambassador of Good Will for Freedome to Create World Prize:
Freedom to Create World Prize was awarded only from 2008 until 2011 on global basis.

Since 2011 the Prize is no longer awarded and is no longer associated with major world organizations such as UN, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.