This series is both an extension and a summation of the "Growing Up" and "The Lover" series. Here I explore the persistence of myth in contemporary belief systems, whereby escape from mundane world requires a mythologized reality. Here such issues as power, status, role assignation, and various social prescriptions are examined. These works question the inner self-conflicts and the psychological assumptions that read more like summary verdicts or stamped labels rather than truths. Hence, they address our perception of love, dreams, home, work and play. They also draw a parallel between the past and the present, the ancient and the modern, the timeless and the immediate, the imaginary and the real. The symbolic, the mystical and the romantic are juxtaposed with the harsh reality, the tragic, the ironic and the absurd. The paintings further explore and question the myth of identity, gender, heritage and culture, zooming in on the ironic and the surreal.
That Ribbon oil/canvas (2006) (20x16in/41x51cm) (Cavafy)
Straight Snapshot? oil/canvas (2006) (20x16in/41x51cm) (Cavafy)
Looks Good oil/canvas (2006) (40x30in/102x102cm) (Cavafy)
Looks Good oil/canvas (2006) (28x30in/71x102cm) (Cavafy)