These three-dimensional eatable paintings is my humorous and surreal take on the whole concept of art "consumption". Coming from an artistic yet Mediterranean family background, the two - art and food - in my home went hand-in-hand. Even now I catch myself piling-on food on my dinner-guests plates. I just assume that they want it, that they must "consume" it. Perhaps artists think that this also applies to their art. In our infinite hubris we assume that our viewers should (metaphorically speaking) devour out art visually, inasmuch as "hunger begins with the eyes". So I facilitate the transition by literally creating "edible art" - images created on food as a form three-dimensional art. Images are thematically linked, to represent a certain story, often laced with irony and sexual tension, since I find the whole experience of taste a very sensual one. Each piece (or portion of it) is completely edible, each color has an individual flavor (bitter for black, etc.). On the one hand this is sheer post-modernist "play" on the concept art as form of "conspicuous consumerism", so inherent in the incestuous artist-dealer-client relationship. On the other, I wish to explore the psychological relationship between the senses--sight, touch, taste. In other words: does a particular image or color affects or alters the actual taste of the consumable? "Eat it" and tell me.