This series of three-dimensional works explores the at times playful, at times almost clich realm of "love" and "romance". What exactly stands behind these magic words, what makes them still "work" and not get old throughout the eras? Is it because they appeal to our most primordial, animal instincts and yet cater to our naive, evasive and illusive fantasy world? Perhaps it is like a enticing piece box of "Godiva" candies which evokes a deep-seated yearning or a vision of "romance" that transcends the mundane reality of sugar and chocolate. Hence the French notion of the romantique. In these works I play with the inherent clichs and banal nuances of this condition. These works are like individual pieces of candy - be it an ideal "lover" (actually a rubber toy) all dressed-up, beaming behind his dark glasses, bearing a bouquet yet packaged in cellophane, ready for retail; or a golden soldier of love, wielding a large drill, poised to drill right through the protective condom of one's heart. Other works extend the general idea. Thus "Heart" features a "sign" (as recognizable as a stop sign) deeply ingrained in our psyche - the shiny red heart cardboard candy box. Here, through a child's stethoscope one can actually listen to the steady sound of heartbeat. I also wish to engage the viewer directly in "What's there?", whereby he may peek through a keyhole into the lighted interior of a toy-house and see the "accessories to sex" - fishnet stockings, stiletto heels, pink underwear, dark glasses. Other works incorporate natural "found-objects", as in the case of the (cliche) "No man is an island," whereby a miniature figure of a suitcase-bearing traveler - a latter-day Odysseus, the illusive mysterious lover - stand poised atop a heart-shaped stone.

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