Mapping It Out

Perhaps due to my natural "gypsy" predisposition for travel, I am forever fascinated by maps, their layout, their tantalizing lore, and their enigmatic symbolism. What do they stand for, how can just few inches on the piece of paper symbolize hundreds of miles or real space, land, life? Maps exert power on the psyche: they bear the promise of a wondrous journey. Here I try to tap and explore the relationship between the physical and the encrypted reality. In these series of graphics (drawing, monochromatic painting, print, mixed-media) on canvas I relive my personal life's journeys through the cartography of my own flesh. Thus my body becomes the encrypted land mass, an island upon which cartographic lines and symbols are imposed roads, boundaries, townships, harbors. Here I evoke a personal physical and spiritual odyssey, the quest for my own "Ithaca" - a small house in Greece on the wondrous island of Milos. Here my body morphs into the shape of the island which I love. The figure of the playing child which appears in almost every painting denotes the other side of me as an artist, the inner-voice, forever at play, the state of dreaming and the joy of living, the power of longing over reason. Probably these works are the closest that I have come to psychic self-revelation and physical self-depiction. In some cases, through my body, I consciously mimic images of sea-waves, mountains, and plains. It is an inner external landscape - a "body-scape" combined with an ever-present element of fable and play.

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