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Christina Katrakis"My name is Christina Katrakis, I am an internationally acclaimed American artist, art historian, philanthropist, UN representative and a devoted “World Tracker”. Growing up in an artistic gypsy-like bohemian family (my father is an international sculptor and my mother is an ethnographer and art historian) – I was constantly “on the road”. Moving from one country to the next, one school to the other, one culture to the other, one language to the other – became natural to me. And by the age of fourteen, I strongly felt that my home town - is the world itself. Speaking over eight languages and tracking the globe many times over – I realized how similar we are, how borders merge and differences disappear when it comes to the core basics – the human element in all of us. Now, while working in a number of international cultural fields: as a museum curator, president of the International Academy of Arts, professor of art and art history, art critic, writer, singer, model, international artist, cinematographer (as an art director, co-producer, script and story writer in Hollywood and Europe), UN representative – I continue to “Track the World”. Whenever I meet on my way - interesting people, relive unforgettable stories of courage, love and perseverance, gaze at the breathtaking world of beauty - I am always reminded of the immortal words of Armstrong’s song -“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!” I try to make this world of ours a little bit better place for all, and carry this mission of good in all my projects, collaborations and beginnings: through my international philanthropic and charitable activities as a founder and president of “Give a Voice to Children” Charitable Foundation, “World Tracker" Philanthropic Program and International Academy of Art's Charitable Program, and my ongoing work work with Children International Heart Foundation, Green Peace, Brigitte Bardot Foundation, Voronov Art Foundation and many other organizations world-wide. As the winer of the “Freedom to Create” (UN based Global Prize) – I, now, also track the world with a specific mission to make it, as much as I can, - a better place for all. Each one of us can do his or her small effort towards this global goal - One drop makes the ocean flow! Through this interactive Travel Blog I would like to share my personal journeys and the every-day real life, with those who follow my causes in internet and media. Thus “World Tracker” is my own social network in which ideas can be exchanged, moments shared, amazing art collections viewed, breathtaking nature behold and human stories herd."

Christina Katrakis


The Van Gogh Museum
The Rembrandt House Museum
Walking In Amsterdam
Me, Myself And My Shadow In Amsterdam


Paris For New Year
Walking in Paris
Museum D'Orsay


My Roman Holiday
Villa Borghese



Swimming With Dolphins
At The Opening Of The Blue Merlin Club
At The Fancy VIP Pool and Beach Party


Pergamon Museum
Neue Museum
Visiting Top Galleries
Altes Museum
Raining In Berlin

New York


The Museum Of Wax Statues
In Brussels with Lauss






Walking in Athens
Me In Athens


Christmas Eve
Raining Day in Groningen
Bad Nieuweschans



At Texas Ranch
At Houston Art Fair

Agios Emilianos




On Milos
In My Little Cave On Milos
At Melian Hotel And Spa

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