Christina Katrakis is a leading TV personality, anchorwoman, photo model, singer and public persona. She began developing her professional vocal skills early in the childhood, first singing in the ethnic chorus and ensembles and training with the vocal teachers, later developing and studying jazz, blues and ethnic vocal in the USA. Katrakis began working as a professional vocalist with a number of music groups both in the USA as well as in Europe, such as Kitka and Deep Forest, specializing in the ethnic modern rhythms. Katrakis recorded vocals for numerous films and TV programs, both Hollywood productions as well as European Film productions. In her "Meet, the Ukrainian" TV show, Katrakis combines her ethnic-jazz vocal with TV programing, incorporating vocal and music into the show.

Photo by Bogdan Lyba

The Atlantis Project

Track One - Atlantis
Track Two - Creation
Track Three - Sacrifice
Track Four - Labyrinth
Track Five - The March of Theseus

Atlantis Project, multi-media presentation: reconstruction of the ancient Minoan milieu: murals, sculpture, ceramics, installation, costumes, dance, music CD, perfumes, and video-documentary,
ASU (2002)

Atlantis (CD Insert & Poetry)

"Plyve Kacha"

1. Chotyry Voly
2. Eznan Sti Kai Mia Dounia
3. Lestyn Plekhtyn
5. Djelem Djelem
6. Oh Manna Vai
7. Virosla Vishnia - Golub Na Chereshni
9. Usi Gory Zeleniut
10. Pane Gospodariu
11. Choloviche Mii
12. Plyve Kacha
13. Oi Hylia Hylia
14. Oi U Garodze U Chastakole
15. Nie Ma Ciebie Zawsze
16. Za Sybirom
17. Po Starii Kosi
18. Oi Zaplachesh

Plyve Kacha (CD Booklet)

"Meet, the Ukrainian with Christina Katrakis", music and sound tracks from the TV series

1. Chotyry Voly
2. Virosla Vishnia - Golub Na Chereshni
3. Eznan Sti Kai Mia Dounia
4. Choloviche Mii
5. Po Starii Kosi
6. Oi Zaplachesh

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