Social, Public, Economic, Philanthropic, Political and Commercial Projects, Institutions & Events Curated

Katrakis curated and co-curated a number of international social, political, economical and commercial events and projects, such as: TEDx Forum in Vatican, Cambridge University Scholarship Project, Hope for Haiti fund raiser, St. Sophia Vatican Project, Lefkadia Project, Unicef Projects and Mission, St. Jude's Project, Children International Heart Foundation Projects, Freedom to Create World Prize Project, National Democratic Institute Project, Chernobyl Children International Project, Help for Africa Project, Brigitte Bardot Foundation Project, Green Peace in Greece Project and Forbes Art Collection Project, among many others. Katrakis not only curates and advises public and political events, project and personalities, she also develops and manages major commercial projects, such as the Lefkadia - a Country within a Country Project and Orion Project on Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands.


Special thanks to the amazing people, my acquaintances and great professionals who introduced me to NDI and its wonderful work for democracy and human right around the world: Per Eklund and Robin Carnahan

At the conference done by the National Democratic Institute, monitoring elections in Ukraine and securing its democratic standards

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