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Christina Katrakis is an internationally renown American artist. She served as the ambassador of good will in the "Freedom to Create" Global Project (UN mission). Katrakis also works as a producer, artist, art director, director and scriptwriter in a number of documentary films as well as the Hollywood productions. She is a TV personality, anchorwoman, photo model, singer and public persona. Katrakis holds the highest terminal degree in arts (MFA), she is a professor of arts and art history, private art collections and museum curator, writer, and the president of the International Academy of Arts. Katrakis is an international project curator and a "Freedom to Create" Global Prize winner. She is a political, social and cultural advisor and a chief international adviser to the minister of culture of Ukraine.

Katrakis is an active professional international curator. Curating both social, political, economical and commercial projects, as well as, cultural, artistic and philanthropic projects, exhibits and events.

Art & Culture Projects & Events Curated

Social, Public, Economic, Philanthropic, Political and
Commercial Projects, Institutions & Events Curated

Curatorial Positions



  • Chief Curator and chief manager of the vast on-going project of “The country within the country - Lefkadia” : film studios complex, film academy complex, medical centre complex, medical laboratory and education complex, clinic complex, university campus complex.
  • Forbs Private Art Collection Curator, Forbs Ukraine, Kiev 2013
  • Foundation International Educational & Philanthropic Projects Curator, Firtash Foundation (cultural representation project Rome, Vatican, England and the USA)
  • Museum and Foundation Curator, Vornov’s Museum of Art.
  • TEDEx Forum Vatican 2013, co-curator, Vatican, Vatican City, Italy 2013






  • Curator and president Kallista Academy (private art academy, workshops), USA and Greece.


  • Curatorial work on shows in museums and international galleries:

    Christies Fine Art Auction, Kyiv/London
    Brooks Museum of Art, USA,
    EichBlatt Gallery, Berlin, Germany
    Caelum Gallery, NY, USA
    Kouros Gallery, NY, USA
    Art Museum of Memphis, USA
    Anna Tzarev Gallery, NY, USA
    Gagosian Gallery, NY, USA
    UIMA museum of Modern Art, Chicago, USA
    Paris Museum of Modern Art, Paris, France
    Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Arles, France
    RAR Gallery, Berlin, Germany

  • International co-curator and manager of World Art Fairs:
    Art Berlin, 2014
    Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, 2014
    Art Moscow, 2011
    Art Huston, 2011
    Art Monaco, 2011
    Art Slick Paris, 2010



  • Christie’s Fine Art Auction


  • Paris Museum of Modern Art (Paris, France)
  • Brooks Museum of Art (USA)
  • Benaki Museum of Art (Athens, Greece)
  • National Museum of Bosnia (Bosnia Herzohovina)
  • Xinyan Exhibition Center (Xinyan, China)
  • Cape Town Exhibition art center (Cape Town, South Africa)
  • Museum of Modern Art ( Kyiv, Ukraine)
  • UIMA Museum of Modern Art (Chicago, USA)

Art Fairs

  • Art Berlin, 2014
  • Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, 2014
  • Art Moscow, 2011
  • Art Huston, 2011
  • Art Monaco, 2011
  • Art Slick Paris, 2010


  • RAR Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • Anna Tzarev Gallery, New York, USA
  • EichBlatt Gallery, Berlin Germany
  • Caelum Gallery, New York, USA
  • Haute Presents Gallery, Berlin, Germany
  • Depardieu Gallery, Nice, France
  • Dafna Gallery, Naples, Italy

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