About the Artist


UIMA Institute of Modern Art Chicago, curator S. Grezdo.

Christina Katrakis studied in some of the best art schools in Europe and in the U.S. (She holds a terminal MFA degree from University of Memphis, where she taught drawing, figure structure, watercolor and oil painting, Sorbonne in Paris, France and Lorenzo di Medici Academy in Florence, Italy, she also studied at the renowned National Academy of Art of Ukraine.

Trained in the rigorous classical tradition, Christina's artistic gaze blends the old with the new, the immediate and recognizable with the unusual and the ironic. Her art reflects her extraordinary personal and intellectual background, experience. Hence one may encounter a touch of Proustian memory of her formative years (the gritty post-Soviet reality, the ideological divides, and the family moments), the mythic transcendental Mediterranean luminosity of Greece, Italy and the Caucasus, and post-modern if not outright surreal discourse of contemporary American culture.

These disparate attributes are resolved into a very personal yet Felliniesque reality that at once assures and confounds. On the one hand, her paintings are like mnemonic snapshots: immediate, descriptive and humorous; on the other, they possess the psychological and subliminal edge. "Although my paintings reflect my own private conscious-subconscious cosmos," she says, "they are inclusive and thus eminently accessible to the viewer. They are like elements of a symposium, whereby ideas, impressions, and emotions are shared openly with a discriminating company. But ultimately each participant must reach his own conclusion."

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